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Guided climbs

Climb in Rio offers professional guided climbs, information, and logistics support to climbers from all over the world who wish to climb Rio's best routes.

We have been guiding climbers in Rio de Janeiro since 1990. During all these years, we have made more than 4000 climbs in the city and in the state.

Our team of guides and instructors are qualified and skillful climbers who follow the highest levels of security standards and are passionate about sharing this unique experience that is climbing in Rio.

For us, climbing is about ethics, learning and adventure. It is a powerful experience that leads to personal growth. Through climbing we learn how to better connect to our friends and our environment. It's about fun, confidence and respect.

We are looking forward to share our vision and our routes with you.

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Marco Vidon is founder and director of Climb in Rio. He is an exceptional climber and instructor. Vidon opened some of the most classic routes in Rio. Off state, he has climbed spetacular places like Bariloche (Argentina), Zermatt (Switzerland), La Paz (Bolivia) and Chamonix (France). In 1992, he opened two routes that remain unrepeated in Pico da Neblina, the highest peak in Brazil, situated in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest. As an instructor, he has already certified more than 200 climbers.

In the picture: Vidon at Pico da Neblina summit

Gustavo Telles is an experienced ice and rock climber. He has a degree in Tourism and has leaded many mountain ascents in Brazil and abroad. In the past six years, Gustavo has planned and leaded a number of high mountain expeditions in Argentina and Chile, including four Aconcágua ascents. Gustavo is expeditions coordinator at Climb in Rio.

In the picture: Gustavo at Aconcágua summit

Carioca is the spirit of living in Rio de Janeiro. It is a privilege to be in one of the most beatifull places in the world. A place where it´s hard to determinate the borders of the forest and the city. A place known all over the world for its beaches, samba and soccer.

But what makes the Carioca Soul so special is the way of life. Running at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, walking at Leblon, surfing at Ipanema, kitesurfing at Barra, hiking at Pedra da Gávea, hand gliding at Pedra Bonita, climbing at Sugar Loaf, meeting friends for a cold beer at the sunset... Rio is a city blessed by god, with a beatifull enviroment, that must be enjoyed!

We invite you to the Carioca Experience. It's an experience of better life quality, throghout outdoor activities, in an amazing environment. Our guides are looking forward to share the magic of Rio with you.