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Corcovado mountain is Rio's most famous landmark. It's very well known for the Christ Statue on its summit.

On the South face, there are some of the hardest and longest routes in Rio: Tragados pelo Tempo 5.11a A3 and twelve pitches; Oitavo Passageiro a twelve pitch route graded 5.12a; Atalho do Diabo with 8 pitches - the 2nd being the hardest at 5.13b; Austrians Direct route - a ten pitch big wall graded A2 and some other bigwalls of up to A4.

Still at the South face, there is an ultraclassical in town: K2 route. This is an easy and amazing route reaching the top after 4 pitches up to 5.7. From its 2330 ft (710 m) summit, the climber has an amazing view of the city, the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema, Botafogo, Pedra da Gávea, Sugar Loaf and many other mountains.

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Corcovado view

Diedro at K2


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South face

Macaco Prego final ledge