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Situated in the Friburgo region are some of the highest rock climbing peaks in Brazil: Pico Maior (Major Peak), Pico Médio (Medium Peak), Pico Menor (Minor Peak) and Capacete (The Helmet).

Pico Maior, with its 2296 ft (700 m) rock faces, has lines that stand out as the longest rock climbing routes in Brazil. The East Face route is 16 pitches long, 5.9 to 5.10d.

Throughout the region there are almost 50 sensational climbs, with a high mountain atmosphere and spectacular views. With its mountains, its climate and enormous potential for new routes, Salinas, the Bonsucesso Towers and the Vale dos Frades form one of the most important rock climbing regions in Brazil.

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Three Peaks

Three Peaks


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Pico Maior

Capacete (The Helmet)