Half Day Climbs (3-4 hours)

Perfect for climbing one of the classic route on Sugarlaof, Corcovado, or any of the other many formations around town.  Depending on your experience level we can suggest a number of different lines that can range between one and six pitches of climbing.

Recommended routes: IV Centenario, Coringa with São Bento, Italianos with Secundo, K2, Marizel.

Full Day Climbs (6-8 hours)

This option is great for experienced climbers that want to get as much into one day as possible.  We can either climb one longer line with a more complicated approach or we can do a combination of routes on different mountains. Our biggest challenge with full day climbs is avoiding the sun at the hottest hours of the day.

Recommended routes: Sugarloaf west Face + Corcovado East Face (Classic Combo!), Babilonia + Sugarloaf East  Face, Waldo with Secundo, Baden Powell, Travesia dos Olhos.

Learning the Basics

For people that have never climbed before but want to learn everything they need to know for outdoor mutli-pitch climbing this is an excellent option.  We will take you to one of the many beginner routes in Urca to familiarize you with all the gear and procedures before setting up a top rope and eventually heading up an easy multi-pitch climb. This 3 to 4 hour introductory class doesn’t replace a fully certified course, but it’s the next best thing for those who are interested in learning the basics while also getting out on some great rock.

Classic Combo

This is the best option for intermediate and experienced climbers that want to climb two of the most famous lines in Brazil.  Climbing Italianos (250 meters – Fr 5+ / US 5.9+) on the west face of Sugarloaf in the morning and then heading over to Corcovado in the afternoon to climb K2 (120 meters – Fr 4+ / US 5.9) offer an incredible climbing experience with outstanding views and iconic summits.  And the best part is we can climb in the shade the whole day!

Outside of Rio (One Day) – Dedo de Deus

If you want to get out of the city for some adventurous Brazilian traditional climbing then Dedo de Deus is a must for you.  This incredible needle is just one hour from Rio by car and has everything you want in a big day out: a long approach, easy but exposed climbing and an unforgettable isolated summit.  All this can be done door to door in 10 to 12 hours.

Outside of Rio (Multi Day)
Dedo de Deus + Salinas

For those of you that have the time and experience get out of the city and want to see some of the best climbing Rio has too offer, there couldn’t be a better option.  We will leave Rio early in the morning, stopping to climb Dedo de Deus along the way.  From there we will continue on the Três Picos State park where we have some of the best multi-pitch climbing in the country.

Also known as “Salinas”, this region has long approaches and even longer climbs (between 300 – 700 meters) making speed and fitness an important factor for those that want to climb here.  It also boasts a simple and charming infrastructure, with several options for accommodations run by local climbers where we can find comfortable bunk beds to sleep in and cozy kitchens to make our own meals. This is the preferred get away for all of us here at Climb in Rio, and most of the time you can’t reach our cell phones you can be sure its because we have once again taken off to this magical refuge only three hours outside of town.


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